Family Comments

See what families have to say about Joyful Music classes!


Music Together® is by far the finest musical experience I can share with my daughter. As a professional musician, my enthusiasm for this program rests somewhere alongside my adoration of the classics.

The variety of musical styles, genres, moods, related physical activities in class and instrumental accessories astonishes me. Who knew scarves and balls could be musical instruments? The class focuses on enjoying music, sharing a musical experience, and growing to enjoy and love music. Who could ask for anything more?!

M. Cooperman, Burlington, MA

My daughter has been going to Music Together since she was 4 months old and she absolutely loves the class. Early on she observed other babies and children and was very quiet. The last few months she has come out of her shell and is extremely verbal in class and tries to sing along. When I play music at home she claps when she hears the hello song. This is our 4th season and we plan to continue going for as long as Shayndel is teaching!

L. Weissenberger, Melrose, MA

...just want to point out how much we like your class. It is fun for all of us and the girls, especially Alana, are learning quite a bit. Alana will often break into song in the car and Ava will follow. I'm not certain whether she is writing her own music or is singing a familiar song but it's a start. We've had 4 different Music Together teachers and are very pleased to be in your class!

Marty M , Lexington MA

I want to thank you again for providing such a wonderful and meaningful music experience. Emma is having such a fun time in class, and we love making music together at home, too! This is truly an enriching and delightful program!

Kerri M. Waltham, MA

I am so glad I started bringing him to your class at 2 months old! It is amazing the awareness he has for music now at only 8 months old! He understands the routine of class and finally last week he seemed to play the instruments a bit, rather than just eating them!! Thank you again!

Amy P. Stoneham, MA

We all get so much out of class and are really looking forward to continuing. I actually heard Savanna humming what sounded exactly like 4 notes from one of the songs. We listen to the CD everyday and Sierra always asks if the voices on it are "Teacher Karen's".

Sally C. Lexington, MA